Cheoy Lee Shipyards is embarking on the construction of four ART 80-32 tugs, to the very latest design from Robert Allan Ltd.
The first two are being built to satisfy an order from Kotug International BV, with the remaining two being commenced as stock vessels for Cheoy Lee. These will be built as inventory that can be made available at a future date, with reduced lead times. The first two vessels are scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2014 with construction to Lloyds +100A1 Tug, +LMC, UMS, *IWS, Coastal Service. This ART 80-32 is the third Rotor®tug design originating from co-operation between Rotor®tug and Robert Allan Ltd. The design is unique inthat three engines and thruster units are fitted, rather than the conventionaltwo. The single drive unit aft providing an exceptional turning moment forunmatched maneuverability. The ART 80-32 vessels under construction at CheoyLee are powered by three Caterpillar 3512C engines, each developing 2,365hp. Asthe series name implies, the 32m long vessels will deliver a bollard pull of 80tonnes, both ahead and astern. Free running speed will be 12.5 knots. Six creware accommodated on the vessel, two in single master/engineer cabins on themain deck, with two 2-man cabins on the lower deck, aft of the galley store andlaundry room. The galley is on the main deck, opposite a large crew mess andlounge. On the bridge deck, a single helm seat slides on rails betweenconsoles. Deck gear includes forward and aft towing winches and staples. CheoyLee will be integrating the ART 80-32 into their range of harbour/terminal tugsallowing the opportunity to offer the vessels on tenders requesting Rotor®tugsfor their unique capabilities, redundancy, superior safety and maneuverability.Principal Dimensions: 31.95m LOA x 12.60m Beam x 6.31m Draft. (Press ReleaseCheoy Lee)